20 November 2006

Arthur Miller on Inge Morath

This is a photograph of Inge Morath (1923-2002) shortly before her death. The portrait on the wall is of her husband, the late playwrite Arthur Miller. Steidl has just published The Road to Reno which contains the photographs documenting Morath's encounters with America on a cross country road trip in 1960, just prior to meeting Miller. Today The Guardian has published an excerpt of Miller in 2004 discusing the trip and Morath's work.

The Magnum photo agency, of which Morath was a member, sponsors the annual Inge Morath Award which the (not very user friendly) agency web page describes as follows:

"The prize of $5000 is awarded annually to a female documentary photographer under the age of 30, in memory of the late Magnum Member Inge Morath. The award intends to help a photographer complete a long-term documentary project. The submission guidelines for the next year's award will be announced in February 2007. The deadline for submissions will be May 20, 2007. "


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