28 September 2007

With a Leica, "a photograph sounds like a kiss."

I am wholly unschooled in the technical side of photography ~ as opposed to just substantially unschooled in other matters having to do with the enterprise of making photos. So I found this essay, Anthony Lane's "Candid Camera: The Cult of Lieca" from The New Yorker (24 September 07) entertaining and helpfully insightful. So, there is a technical reason for the sound a Leica makes when the shutter is clicked. [Image : "Leica advertising from 1935, when the camera was widely in use by Europeans."]


Anonymous todd said...

this was a great article. enjoyed reading through your blog. i'm going to link to it on my photo podcast, lostandfoundphotos.com

03 October, 2007 20:36  
Anonymous brendadada said...

"So, there is a tecchnical reason for the sound a Leica makes when the shutter is clicked."

Um, a mechanical reason?

What's interesting here is that somehow, there is an assumption that a camera shutter is silent, which for digital capture it is.

08 October, 2007 05:39  

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