14 October 2007

Banksy's Bobbies

I am not overwhelmed by Mr. Banksy, his work mostly seems like good fun, nothing to get worked ap about one way or the other. But, since the homophobes who persist in leaving anonymous comments here seem to be driven to new heights of desire by images of men kissing, I thought I'd post this. I had never seen this, but another commenter sent it along (Thanks Lee!)



Anonymous Kate said...

Thank you for not allowing your blog to become a place where people can spread hatred and intolerance.

15 October, 2007 07:37  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


Epsilon is a very small number. It describes the amount of time and interest anyone here has devoted to your inane phobias. The ONLY person who is worried about anal sex in any of the comments here is you. "Hmmm, wonder why?" Well, it could be that you are interested. Or it could be that you are a conservative asshole (oops, pun not intended) who is intent on oppressing others becauase you don't like things they do. Have you ever heard of consenting adults?

You never did answer the question: why are you so concerned with my sexuality or anyone else's?

Epsilon is also the amount of effort it took to delete your rants. Even if you leave several, it is still multiplied by a very small number. Bye!

15 October, 2007 16:23  

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