03 October 2007

Humanitarian Advertisements?

Berlin, Germany: Banners showing people from all
over the world, advertise a conference of the
Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
Photograph: © Rainer Jensen/EPA

The Global Fund has been convened in Berlin last week seeking to raise funds for its relief programs. According to a story in The International Herald Tribune the meetings raised considerably less than the $15-18B that the organizers had hoped for. The banners for the meeting were designed by Giampietro+Smith from whose web page I lilfted this image:

© 2007 Giampietro+Smith

According to the G+S page the banners incorporate "moving photography from dozens of Global Fund-supported programs." The photographer is John Rae and you can find the specific images reproduced for this project on the "non-profit" page of his web site or here on the Global Fund's site. I have to say I think the effort to integrate photographs with text and data graphics is important. But since my German is nearly non-existent, I cannot tell you how well the text.images/graphics are actually integrated. In any case, here is the rationale for the exhibition design ~ click the image to enlarge.


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