28 October 2007

Landless Protests in India (2)

“It’s as though the people of India have been
rounded up and loaded onto two convoys of trucks
(a huge big one and a tiny little one) that have
set off resolutely in opposite directions. The
tiny convoy is on its way to a glittering
destination somewhere near the top of the world.
The other convoy just melts into the darkness and
disappears. A cursory survey that tallies the caste,
class and religion of who gets to be on which
convoy would make a good Lazy Person’s Guide to
the History of India.” ~ Arundhati Roy (2001)

Again, news reports from the BBC on the ongoing mass protest over land reform in India. Still, as far as I can tell, no notice in The New York Times. Monday, according to the BBC, the protesters plan to disrupt business as usual in New Delhi. I am sure the authorities will respond with respect and restraint.



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