27 October 2007

Landless Protests in India

"Cynics say that real life is a choice between the failed revolution
and the shabby deal. I don't know... maybe they're right. But even
they should know that there's no limit to just how shabby that shabby
deal can be. What we need to search for and find, what we need to
hone and perfect into a magnificent, shining thing, is a new kind of
politics. Not the politics of governance, but the politics of resistance.
The politics of opposition. The politics of forcing accountability. The
politics of joining hands across the world and preventing certain
destruction. In the present circumstances, I'd say that the only thing
worth globalising is dissent. It's India's best export."
~ Arundhati Roy (2001)

According to The Guardian, "more than 25,000 landless farmers are walking 220 miles from Gwalior to New Delhi to ask the Indian government for a piece of land for life." According to the BBC, "the marchers aim to shame the government into keeping its promise to redistribute land." As far as I can determine our own newspaper of record has not noticed this.



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