06 November 2007

Chuck Schmuer Shoveling the Bullshit

Here is Chuck Schumer rationalizing his 'yes' vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee today that allows Michael Mukasey to move forward to nearly certain confirmmaiton as U.S. Attorney General: "the Department of Justice — once the crown jewel among our government institutions — is a shambles and is in desperate need of a strong leader, committed to depoliticizing the agency’s operations."

This is simply pathetic. Mukasey was unwilling to stand up to the Bush Administration on a very simmple matter ~ whether paticular practices constitute torture or not. That sure is some great leadership! It sure looks like the first step in depoliticizing the Justice Department. Hey Chuck! have you lost your mind? This is just more of the same.

The problem with what passes for an argument in this Op-Ed is that Schumer, like Mukasey, is talking out of both sides of his mouth. I do not care that Mukasey offered Schumer personal assurances that he'd resign should BushCo pursue policies he deemed illegal. Why was he not willing to say so to the public? Why was he not willing to take a stand on what is clear-cut ~ 'waterboarding' (to say nothing of other practices) is torture and the Administration knows it, even as thy continue to sanciton the practice. That is what Senate hearings are for. And, so what if Bush might appoint an interim AG for the duration? In such an eventuality the Democrats should do what a real opposition party ought to do ~ raise hell! Make it clear that in an election year a Republican Administration had flaunted the Constitution in an effort to circumvent the adivice and consent provision on Presidential nominations. Make it clear the the Administration did that just so that it could continue to torture detaianees in contravention of U.S. and International law.

Like most Democrats, Schumer is too much of a political weenie to wage that sort of fight. What Chuck Schmer ought to have insisted on is not simply that Mukasey make his personal assurances public but that the nominee go further and announce that he will prosecute members of the Government found to be breaking the law by, say, sanctioning a policy of systematic torture. That would be leadership.

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Blogger stanco said...

As someone on The Mike Malloy Show emailed several nights ago- If all the Democrats can do is say "we don't have the votes," then they should just stay home.

Really. If you can't deliver one honest, inspiring leader (OK, I'll settle for inspiring) who can beat a pathetically inept buffoon two times running, can't stop an illegal war which everyone knows was a mistake, can't stop torture, can't stop illegal wiretapping and spying on our own citizens, can't stop the erosion of habeus corpus and countless other constitutional rights, can't give us universal health care, can't call someone out for flagrantly breaking every goddamn law while in office and then threatening to start yet another, bigger war that may well be the end of us all, if you can't accomplish anything whatsoever with the majority of the public now begging for a new start -- then stay the fuck home!!! ...

07 November, 2007 00:19  
Anonymous jason said...

Like most Democrats, Schumer is too much of a political weenie . . .

Yes, he certainly is, and so are the lot of them. But I can't help wondering: How is it that the supposed opposition party in our national government came to be filled with political weenies? Has it always been this way? And, if not, then is this simply an historical aberration, or is there something at the very core of our political system to blame?

Of course, I have my suspicions. If representative leaders exist to serve the constituents that grant them their power, then maybe we should be looking at who the real constituents are. Because me and you and everyone else who has a problem with fascist security policies certainly aren't it.

07 November, 2007 08:29  

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