20 November 2007

Zimbabwe: The Fight to Free a Country

I recommend this video from the Open Society Institute.

"ZIMBABWE IN CRISIS ~ Zimbabwe is hurtling toward a disaster. Hyperinflation and police violence, set against the backdrop of AIDS and the intractable dictatorship of Robert Mugabe, have brought the country’s people to the brink of economic and social collapse. On March 11, opposition activists gathered for a peaceful prayer meeting and called for Mugabe to resign. Even this peaceful protest was too much for the authorities. Mugabe’s police descended upon the meeting with tear gas and clubs. In the days that followed, many of the protestors suffered beatings and torture.

Zimbabwe: The Fight to Free a Country combines footage from inside Mugabe’s police state with testimony from torture survivors, activists, and lawyers who have witnessed the regime’s repression first hand. As the humanitarian situation deteriorates and election season draws near, activists call on the international community to assist Zimbabwe’s people in their struggle to overcome repression and establish a democracy."



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