07 November 2007

Local Event ~ Billy Bang

A little over a year ago I posted effusively on violinist Billy Bang. I will not repeat myself other than to say that I find him to be a quite remarkable musician. He will be playing here in Rochester tomorrow night (7 pm. Thursday, 8 November) at the Water Street Music Hall. If you are in the area you should absolutely take in the performance. The image here is the cover to his recently released CD.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Does the fact that you like him have anything to do with the fact that he made a CD called Vietnam - Reflections?

Tedious, Jimmy, very tedious.

10 November, 2007 14:32  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Sigh .... Anon, I thought you'd really slunk off someplace cold and dark ... But here you are, back with your predictable whining.

Let me clear up your prejudicial misconceptions. I've been listening to Billy Bang since the mid-1970s; so while I actually like his 'vietnam' CDs (the aftermath/reflections of someone who has provided military service for his country), I also like his work independently. The vitnam CDs that you find so tiresome are only a few years old.

You are so pathetic it is hard to belive. I hope you've enjoyed being ignored here lately. And I appreciate you willingness to be held up to well-deserved ridicule! Bye!

10 November, 2007 14:48  

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