12 November 2007

Missed Opporunities Due to Web Dysfunction

Carrito © Betty Bastidas

At the on-line magazine nat creole I discovered a small photo-essay Sensualidad in Cuba by Betty Bastidas. The images reproduced by the magazine seem to me striking in the way they capture color and I thought I would check out more of the work at Bastidas's web page. Unfortunately, it was not terribly functional (I literally could not get it to respond) so all I can do is point you in that direction and wish you better luck than I had with it. The image I've lifted here reminds me of some work by Migel Rio Branco on which I have posted here before.

In any case, my experience brought to mind this recent post by Jörg Colberg at Conscientious on the irritations of dysfunctional web pages, especially those that appear to be intentioanlly dysfunctional. You should see this follow-up too. I have until now resisted the urge to "pile on" in this matter. But it really does amaze me how frequently I too come across web pages where artists seem to make it their business to prevent viewers from actually seeing their work. Like Jörg, I find this completely perplexing.

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