08 November 2007

Rudy & the Right

The Rev. Pat Robertson endorsed Rudolph W. Giuliani
in his race for the Republican presidential nomination
at a news conference in Washington.

Photo: © Stephen Crowley/
The New York Times

Well, yesterday Rudy picked up a key nomination from the reactionary Christian Right. This nicely compliments the advice he receives from the despicable Norman Podhoretz. So, this constellation of supporters should disabuse you if you ever contemplated the notion of a 'liberal' Republican winning the party nomination.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because Rudy aligned with the Christian Right doesn't mean jack. Bush is also aligned with the Christian Right but he hasn't abolished abortion or made homosexual unions illegal. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

If it comes down to Rudy and Hillary, which by all accounts seems to be the likeliest outcome, Rudy will win. Why? Because every warm blooded, working class American male will make sure that despicable woman loses.

08 November, 2007 02:16  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


(1) Bush is not driven by the right-wing Christian "base"? Think stem-cell research. Think of their solid support for military adventurism in the Middle East. (Folks like Erik Prince, he of Blackwater, notoriety are evangelical Christians, not just rent-seeking militarists..

(2) I agree with your election prognosis, not because of re-bloodedness or otherwise. It is simple vote distribution. (In NY State,for instance, Rudy will win the upstate vote easily, and NYC which ought to be Hilary country, will be put into grave doubt. All RG would have to do is have a good showing in the city and he wins the state.)

That said, I really, really dislike Hilary for being too much of a Republican wannabe.

08 November, 2007 08:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Blackwater enterprise is indeed disturbing. Here is a highly secretive private military with hidden bases across the country, access to some 25,000 men, a small air force, tanks, and an intelligence service all managed by Erik Prince, a Christian Supremacist. This creepy organization needs to be shut down asap.

Re: stem-cell research, I don't believe Rudy will do anything to hamper it. He's a far cry from the Evangelical fanatics. The only reason they've become bedfellows is because the Christian Right wants to take out Hillary and they believe Rudy has a real shot.

I agree with your assessment of Hillary. She is the diet version of the neocons.

08 November, 2007 09:50  

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