15 November 2007

Two New Books

I've discovered a couple of new, interesting books. Both are on the vicissitudes of advocating for human rights in words and pictures.

The first is by James Dawes and is entitled That the World May Know: Bearing Witness to Atrocicty (Harvard UP). Dawes is a literature professor and he focuses on the narratives and stories that those who confront and seek to ameliorate systematic inhumanity construct to make sense of the world - themselves and to those whom they are trying to "help." I have just skimmed the book but it seems like a sensitive and insightful reflection on the paradoxes of human rights work.

The second book, published by Contrasto (an Italian outfit, whose webpage is dysfunctional) is edited by Allesandra Mauro and entitled My Brother's Keeper: Documentay Photographers and Human Rights. It starts with an introductory essay by Susie Linfield, whose praises I have sung here on several occasions and offers brief examples of work by twenty-two photographers starting with Jacob Riis and including a number of contemporary photographers.



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