03 November 2007

Who's Making a Monkey Out of Who?

I have been visiting my son August for a few days on each side of a trip to the University of Oregon in Eugene to give a paper. The paper was, I think, quite well received and the faculty at Oregon are a rare combination (for academics) of smart and nice ~ they offered a bunch of very useful comments and objections. On the drive to Eugene and back I half-way noticed a number of billboards bearing this image:

The first couple of times I didn't pay much attention, assuming it was an advert for some sort of idiotic radio host or other. If only. The billboards are funded by some group of anti-evolution Christians. Their web pages announces: "Who Is Your Creator uses media, including display advertising, to raise awareness of the serious misrepresentations and lack of scientific proof for the theory of Naturalism and Darwinism. Who Is Your Creator is a 501(c) 3 public charity registered in the State of Minnesota and donations are tax-deductible as provided under the IRS tax code. (Who Is Your Creator has no paid directors or employees.) We believe that God is The Creator, and that Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Our hope is that we can Advance His Kingdom by countering the false foundations for the faith of evolution and to offer Christians more opportunities for sharing the Gospel." Terrific.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

On behalf of the State of Minnesota, I'd like to apologize.

04 November, 2007 16:07  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

No apology necessary ~ I don't believe in guilt by association!

04 November, 2007 19:22  

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