28 November 2007

William Blake (November 28, 1757 – August 12, 1827)

"Politics today is largely a question of management
and administration. Blake, by contrast, viewed the
political as inseparable from art, ethics, sexuality and
the imagination. It was about the emancipation of desire,
not its manipulation. Desire for him was an infinite
delight, and his whole project was to rescue it from
the repressive regime of priests and kings."
~ Terry Eagleton

“William Blake ... was never involved in politics or the direct
protest or campaigning of his day. Yet what he wrote, and the
ways in which he produced it, are testimony to an impressive
intellectual achievement whose effects match anything produced
by more openly political writers. His work has enabled ordinary
people to recognise the mental and as well as the economic
chains which bind them. He sought to affirm the importance
of every member of society in the struggle for community
and human betterment.” ~ Christopher Rowland

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