27 December 2007

Peter Schumann: The University of Majd

This series of seven large paintings by Peter Schumann tell the tale of a young Palestinian man named Majd at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces and Judicial System. He now is serving a thirty year prison term.

P.S.: You can find a recent admiring profile (of sorts) of Peter Shumann and Bread & Puppet Theatre from The New York Times here. And there is a terrific volume documenting and discussing Schumann's work with Bread & Puppet called Rehearsing With Gods too.



Blogger Ian Thal said...

I used to perform with Bread and Puppet off and on for a number of years, and certainly count Schumann as one of my influences, and though I'm not willing to comment on The University of Majd simply because I haven't seen it, I have noted in the past that a lot of how Schumann treats the the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his art is not merely simplistic, and factually incorrect, but is at least partially connected to his childhood in Nazi Germany.


10 December, 2009 14:55  

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