10 January 2008

National Review Endorses Torture.

"To Senator McCain, congratulations. But he has not got this thing wrapped up by any stretch. It’s less than a year since he tried to push a disastrous immigration bill into law — one as manipulative as any pork-laden appropriations bill — with vigorous opposition from talk radio, conservative bloggers, think tanks, and the grassroots. I don’t see how such a man wins the Republican nomination. I’m second to none in praising him on his surge leadership. But on a whole host of issues — including water boarding, tax cuts, and the freedom of speech — he’s not one of us." (stress position added)
This passage comes form The National Review online, the e-version of the right-wing rag. I read about this in a report over at The Nation and thought it really couldn't be true. But it is. One more piece of evidence that the right wing wackos are dangerous. (slight editing made at noon 11 Jan 07)



Blogger Peter Loewen said...

This is unbelievable. I am close to speechless.

10 January, 2008 23:40  

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