02 March 2008

First Game, First Goal

Today is the sort of day where I wished I could actually take even a decent snapshot. My oldest son Douglas played his first "real" College lacrosse game. Until today it's been just scrimmages. Tihs afternoon Nazareth beat Springfield College 11-10.

These are the best of the pictures my friend Susan could get given that it not only was very sunny but the glare off the snow made things even brighter. And of course the spectators were all looking more or less directly into the sun. In any case, Doug is a freshman. He is starting at attack for Nazareth which is a major accomplishment. And today, just :28 into the first game, he scored the first goal of the season for his team. I cried. As I have said here on other occasions, the only person who possibly could've been prouder of Doug was his little brother Jeff.

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