23 March 2008

Paying at Home for Bush's Lies About Iraq

I have noted here before some recent, very dire estimates of the costs of the Bush administration fiasco in Iraq. While I was in San Diego this week, the new issue of The Nation (31 March 08) arrived. It contains two useful articles on this theme. The first, "The Wages of Peace" by economists Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier examines the broad negative impact of spending on the war on the domestic U.S. economy. The authors establish the wide-spread, massive opportunity costs involved in spending enormous sums on military adventurism. The second, by economist Michael Zweig, takes up the narrower matter of "The War and the Working Class" drawing parallels between the ways that corporations treat their employees and the way the U.S. military recruits working class kids in return for the promise of economic benefits. Zweig's article is accompanied by this nice graphic identifying the estimated opportunity costs to just the citizens of "one working class city" - Cleveland, Ohio. Nigel Holmes made the graphic.

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