23 March 2008

Marking Five Years (2) ~ Faces of the Dead

A gravely wounded U.S. soldier is loaded onto a helicopter for
medical evacuation. [. . .] Suffering from two severed legs and
an open stomach
wound, medics on the ground applied two
tourniquets to the
wounded soldier on the scene where his
vehicle was ambushed
by a grenade attack.
Photograph & caption © Max Becherer/Polaris Images.

"Today when I look into the abyss of the past five years,
it is not black. It is populated with faces. And it is not quiet."

Earlier today I posted some remarks that Rebecca Solnit delivered in San Francisco at a gathering marking the 5th anniversary of the Bush debacle in Iraq. I want to couple her remarks with these reflections from photographer Max Becherer as published by The New York Times. A photojournalist Becherer has worked extensively in Iraq since the invasion. I find his thoughts about how war snatches youth and humor and vitality and commitment, replacing them with death and sorrow and loss incredibly articulate and truly moving. Becherer is affiliated with Polaris; you can find some of his work here too.

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Blogger Barb said...

Have you seen this? http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2008/03/26/iraq_debate/index.html

03 April, 2008 20:26  

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