05 March 2008

A Message for Democrats and Independents: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Photograph © Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

"And now that I've endorsed you John, let me explain how to run a successful Presidency. You see, first you lie your way into a war, then you let that war descend into the sort of quagmire you experienced in Viet Nam ... and domestically, it is crucially important that you simultaneously run the economy into the ground, undermine any integrity the Justice Department might have, and generally demonize anyone who complains about anything you do ... are you with me? ... and of course, you have to have a plan in place to steal the election next fall if it looks even remotely close ..."



Anonymous Dawei from Beijing said...

Over the course of this bizarre election, the balance between the candidates seems to change on an hourly basis. We started with the so-called "inevitability" of Hillary, to Obama-mania, back to Hillary, again. And John McCain: how the hell did he pull this off? This is a guy who admits he knows nothing about the economy and thinks we should remain in Iraq for 100 years. How can anyone vote for this lunatic?! And can he please stop addressing the crowds as: "My friends," it's so phony.

06 March, 2008 09:36  

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