02 March 2008

O.K., O.K.! The "Surge" IS Working!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, left, visited President
Jalal Talabani of Iraq at his residence in Baghdad on Sunday.
Photograph © David Furst/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images.

Pro-War Americans in and out of the Administration keep proclaiming that "the surge" in Iraq has worked .... violence is down. Of course, assuming, solely for purposes of argument, that violence in fact has diminished, those in the pro-war crowd don't worry about how that has happened or how long the trend might continue if either al-Sadr decided to call of his unilateral cease-fire, or, say, we stopped buying off (quite literally) various factions, or ... well, you get the point. The real issue is not the decline or otherwise in violence, important as that might be, but the political purposes for which the "sugre" in military forces putatively was launched.

Well, while Bush and various of his minions have to sneak in and out of Iraq on furtive visits, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is making a very visible visit to Baghdad. Meanwhile, W apparently is trying to play ventriloquist from Texas, instructing his erstwhile Iraqi clients about how they should lecture Ahmadinejad on this or that matter. This is almost comical, except, of course for all the dead Iraqis and Americans and the obscene economic costs of the war and ...

Prominent propagandists for the Administration whine loudly about our ingratitude to BushCo for the political and military acuity they have evidenced in Iraq. In the pages of that left-wing rag The New York Times, Bill Kristol just last month intoned: "It’s apparently impermissible for leading Democrats to acknowledge — let alone celebrate — progress in Iraq." Well, I am not a Democrat, let alone a "leading" one. But here I am, Bill, acknowledging progress in Iraq. Please go tell your handlers that they are doing a great job!

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Anonymous Dawei from Beijing said...

How could you resist the democrats when they have ads like this?! --


02 March, 2008 17:44  

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