13 March 2008

Speaking of Torture (2)

As I've mentioned here and here before in the U.S. media we get euphemisms like "enhanced interrogation techniques," "harsh interrogation," and so forth. The result is debased political language. But here is a succinct description from a story in The Guardian today prompted by the move by Martina Navratilova to reclaim her Czech citizenship. The essay compares the contemporary U.S. to the then Czechoslovakia in 1974 when Navratilova defected to the west.

"Czechoslovakia, 1975: Torture, though not officially sanctioned, has become a covert tool of state policy.

US, 2008: Torture officially sanctioned."

Just so.

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Anonymous Scott Hughes said...

And conservatives think they are defending freedom. :(

13 March, 2008 17:59  

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