01 March 2008

A Week's Worth of Numbers, Some Shameful, Others Just Very Bad ...

[1] We have locked up 1 out of every 100 Americans. We have locked up 1 in every 9 African-American men aged 18-34. The report is not shameful. The pattern of incarceration it details and that we support is shameful. The report made the news here and here among other places. I costs a lot of money to keep people locked up. Imagine what might happen if we threw some money ate, say, education or health care instead of incarceration.

[2] Economic well-being for those Americans not in prison is circling the bowl. As this story makes clear over the past year the earning power of American workers has diminished remarkably:

[3] We are on the verge of breaking both the 4000 barrier for dead American military personnel and the 90,000 threshold for dead civilians in our Iraq fiasco.

[4] And of course, as if all those deaths were not enough, it now appears that not only did BushCo lie to get us into the war, they are lying (shall we be polite and 'say cooking the books'?) to avoid acknowledging how much the war is costing financial terms. Nobel Laureate Joe Stiglitz estimates the current cost at $3 Trillion. Check here and here and here.

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