10 March 2008

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Things Off Your Chest

Well, I have not posted in a few days. I am in the midst of a longish trip to visit my sweet little boy August out on the West Coast. This is where his mother has run off to hide, as though that is the mature strategy for dealing with adult problems. You know, 'I am unhappy so I am going to take it out on my kid!'

August is doing his best not to be too confused by this fellow (me) who drops by periodically. But since it is neither his fault nor mine that he lives so far away, we are making the best of things. Today I took him for a trial run at the dentist. August found the whole thing way too sketchy, so he refused to open his mouth! He did, however, graciously accept a new purple toothbrush and very cool little plastic motorcycle. Now he is having a post-playground nap.

Having missed one of his big brother Doug's games we decided to go watch the local University team play here Saturday. (Actually August will likely never get to see his brother play, another benefit of his mom's decision to move to the middle of nowhere; not only does August not get to know his father, both he and Doug miss out on having a brother too.) No getting away from lacrosse though, and August surely needs some early childhood socialization. That is where I took these pictures. In the one below he is trying to make off with one of the 'big boy' lacrosse balls.

This post may seem gratuitously unkind. Perhaps it is. But having myself turned down more than one job to stay with my older sons, the notion of quiting a job to move nearly 3K miles away seems to me to give new meaning to the concept of gratuitous. I find the sort of self-absorption that would separate a little boy from his father and brother simply pathetic.



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