10 April 2008

Bilal Hussein Exonerated

I have posted numerous times on the U.S. Military's "case" against Iraqi photojournalist Bilal Hussein who has been detained without charge by the U.S. for two years. Hussein works for AP. Today, Harper's reports that, according to an Iraqi tribunal, "No basis existed for the terrorism-related charges which had been brought against him. The conclusion was a sweeping repudiation of accusations U.S. military figures have brought against him, backed by no evidence, but by a handful of strangely motivated American wingnut bloggers." All that remains is for the Military to release Hussein!
To all this I will add, if you are even a quasi-regular reader, you will know that our very own persistently wrong right-wingnut commenter was persistently wrong on this one too. I presume that he will be back around offering his apologies for having been such a jackass.

Update: a visit to the vapid Michelle Malkin, queen of the wingnut bloggers finds this reassurance:

"There is more to this story, believe me. Amnesty does not equal absolution.

Stay tuned–and do not just rely on the conflict-of-interest-addled Associated Press for the news."

But why should we believe Malkin who, since she put "conflict-of-interest" on the table, is serving as propaganda conduit for the Pentagon (see the post to which I link above)? The Iraqi tribunal decided that Hussein should be released under an Amnesty Law. In so doing they determined neither his guilt nor his innocence. But absent habeas corpus or even so little as public statement of the charges against Hussein, Malkin surely is in no position to do anything other than she has thus far - namely, leveling unsubstantiated charges and drumming up groundless hysteria. So, no Michelle, I don't believe you.

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