26 July 2008

Aesthetics of Catastrophe (update)

Lakeview, New Orleans ~ Copyright © 2006 Aric Mayer

A few posts back I commented on a really terrific recent essay/photoessay by Aric Mayer combining his images of post-Katrina New Orleans with thoughtful reflections on making, disseminating and viewing "disaster photos." The overall project is called the "Aesthetics of Catastrophe" and it appears in the current issue of Public Culture (which is itself a nifty and provocative little journal). When I first posted, the publishers had not made the full text of Aric's contribution accessible online. But now they have. You can find it here. I recommend it to you once again.

Thanks to the editors for making this available and to Aric for making it! I'll take this opportunity to lift another of Aric's images.

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Blogger Lee said...

superb article, if one did not know better the images could be of the tableau genre by the likes of crewdson or wall. The large representations of beauty in disaster
ask difficult questions of us as viewers and challenge our preconceptions of what is acceptable on the wall of a gallery (Luc Delahaye's large format graphic images of conflict also come to mind) which is no bad thing.

31 July, 2008 09:11  

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