12 July 2008

Bruce Conner (1933-2008)

This is another in my 'unfortunately, I never heard of the guy' series. This obvious reflects my poor background knowledge of contemporary art. But it seems, from reading Bruce Conner's obituary in The New York Times, as though I am not alone. Conner was a west coast artist and filmmaker whose obit claims of his early work that it "had the aggressive appearance of avant-garde sculpture but at the same time seemed old and musty?" How can you resist that? You can find two other stories from The Times here and here.

The stills at right are from Conner's film "Breakaway" (1966) which you can find on line here. I leave it to you whether to watch these or not. On the one hand it makes clear why The Times could claim "MTV should have paid him royalties." On the other hand, Conners' widow has evidently asked some sites to take down his work because: "Apparently, Bruce Conner did not like people watching his work online." Your choice. If you succumb, you can also find his "America is Waiting" (1982) which Conner made with David Byrne and Brian Eno here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a coward Jimbo. No reason whatsoever to censor my last posts except they had contrary ideas - I know it, and you know it.

12 July, 2008 17:37  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Let me get this straight, you come around here continually, calling names like an adolescent and repeating the same tired bigoted bullshit, and you think I have some obligation to publish your comments? How dim are you? Read the comments policy.

And speaking of cowards, any time you want to stop hiding behind anonymity then - maybe - you will be entitled to even accuse others. Until you start to speak for yourself in public you should really have more pride than to
demonstrate what a hypocritical fool you are.

12 July, 2008 21:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re the references to Bruce Connor: among serious American independent film makers in the seventies Bruce is best known for Report, his repetitive and nightmarish editing of the Zapruda footage of the JFK asassination into an eloquent filmic expression of the national nightmare that shook the nation as nothing else had since Pearl Harbor. Now of course both events have been overshadowed not so much by subsequent events as by a growing recognition and publication of subsequent events of much greater scope and horror. L. Green/16 July 2008

16 July, 2008 13:14  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Hey L!

I admittedly am more or less wholly unfamiliar with Connor's work and need to track some of it down - which seems like a task in itself. Thanks for the comment. Hope all is well.


16 July, 2008 18:45  
Blogger Steven Fama said...

A word or two, if you will, about the these posts and comments.

First, it's exciting that you've come to know and what to see more of Bruce's work.

Second, please watch the spelling. It's "Conner" with an "er" at the end, not "or" as you and the comments have it.


22 July, 2008 11:29  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


Fixed the typos int he post. The comments can't be edited. But thanks for calling the mistake to my attention. I am terrible a bout such things.


22 July, 2008 12:51  

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