20 July 2008

A Delicious Mistake

I spent yesterday driving from Ann Arbor where I've been teaching for the past month, back to the Rochester area, where I live. It is about a six hour drive with the added bonus of not one, but two, crossings of the U.S.-Canada border. This time the crossings were relatively quick. In any case, I am now waiting for my littlest son August to wake up so I can go collect him from his mom who has brought him to town for a visit.

While biding my time, I've just had a look at The New York Times only to find yet another fawning essay on right wingers. This one focuses on what passes for "conservative thought." What the essay seems to ignore completely is the connection between half-baked conservative "ideas" and the current state of political-economic disarray in which we find ourselves. Crises in the mortgage-banking-financial industrial complex? Perhaps it has something to do with the blind impulse to deregulate and let the market work its "miracles?" And in foreign affairs, just how did we get into such a mess in Iraq? Perhaps it has something to do with conservative ideologues? It is precisely the bone-headed "ideas" of conservatives - actually I'd called them rationalizations for pursuing the interests of the rich and powerful - that have gotten us into our current mess.

The only bright spot in the essay turned out to be a mistake. The author refers at one point to "all of these policy cooks" at places like the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation. When I first read the sentence I thought she had written "policy kooks" ~ that would have been more appropriate, but this, of course, is The Times. One cannot expect too much.

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Anonymous Anna Clark said...

Oh, I didn't realize you were in Ann Arbor--a stone's throw from Detroit! It would've been nice to meet you; I enjoy your website quite a bit. If you make your way back to Michigan (or even a Canadian border or two), let me know.

22 July, 2008 12:08  

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