16 August 2008

Amy Alkon is a Dim Bulb (Second in an Irregular Series)

Last spring I had the unfortunate experience of crossing virtual paths with the deeply disturbed Amy Alkon (who was accompanied by a phalanx of hangers on, sycophants and lackeys). You can find the fallout from that encounter here, here, and here. I suspected that there was nothing personal in all that because Ms. Alkon was likely a serial harasser. I was right.

Now, it seems, the delightfully dim Ms. Alkon has set her sights on the gang at Sadly, No! because they had the temerity to suggest that some of the rantings on her blog are racist. Basically, Ms. Amy relies on character assassination and guilt by association as she comes to the defense of police officers in Lima, Ohio . The latter shot a 26 year old black woman dead in a drug raid. (Read the report in The New York Times here.) The Sadly, No! folks have rightly ridiculed the delightful Ms. Alkon for her racist ranting [1] [2] [3] and now are subject to her wrath. My condolences.

Ms. Alkon's political views seem to me cold, congealed porridge ~ vague, right-wing libertarianism served up with a generous dollop of extreme self-righteousness and really bad pop-psychology (is that last redundant?) Funny how her libertarianism gets tossed overboard when the police (reminder Amy, they are agents of the state whose actions should make a libertarian very suspicious) are shooting at poor black people.

(Thanks, Brendan!)
P.S.: (Added a bit later) ~ I forgot to mention that in the course of her rant our darling Ms. Amy managed to excoriate the murdered woman for having produced a "litter" of kids. Well, first of all, I suspect the kids were born serially not all in one batch. But beyond that obvious inability to master the English language, Ms. Amy seems not to understand that comparing people to animals is, well, dehumanizing. Maybe that is why people think she is a racist, or at least talks like one. And the fact that Ms. Amy doesn't get the dehumanizing implications of her words suggests that it is not that she just talks like a racist.



Blogger Brendan said...

You're welcome.

18 August, 2008 02:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"shooting at poor black people"

What matters is the circumstances that provoked it. If she leapt at them with a knife, reached for her own gun, whatever, it is no different from the police shooting, say, a Nazi with a swastika on his arm (there, that's something you can understand, isn't it?).

And please don't tell me the circumstances: that is not the point and I am not interested. Quite possibly the cops were wrong - that happens too.

My point concerns your questionable, biassed perception on this.

19 August, 2008 04:09  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anon, Read the story in The Times. That is why I provide links - to forestall comments like this. The woman had no criminal record, was not accused of or suspected of a crime. She was shot dead.

... "questionable, biased perception" my ass! Try it, Anon, think first before running off at the mouth.

19 August, 2008 09:28  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anon, I inadvertently deleted this comment from you:

"Did you read what I said? I said: I am not the slightest bit interested. I made clear, specific reference to what my point was and you utterly ignored it or failed to comprehend it."

What I really wanted to say is that you can consider yourself "ignored" from now on. Why? Because no one is "the slightest bit interested" in more of your bullshit.

The rattling sound you hear will be your comments hitting the bottom of the bin. Bye!

19 August, 2008 15:37  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

One of Amy's more articulate and insightful admirers just left me this comment:

"What a complete and utter cunt you are fella: you just can't stand being questioned or challenged. Did your estranged wife ever say to you?

Bye! - that's the sound of your wife leaving you"

I guess the nut doesn't fall too far from the nut tree. Oooohhh! I am so hurt and chagrined! Why? Because I regularly rely on the snide remarks of chicken shit strangers when I look back on my life. Doesn't everyone?

So, wait, I am rushing out to change everything I've ever said or written about Ms. Amy and, well, about you, asshole. Right.

20 August, 2008 14:00  

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