25 August 2008

Arundhati Roy on Kashmir

"At a crucial time like this, few things are more important than
dreams. A lazy utopia and a flawed sense of justice will have
consequences that do not bear thinking about. This is not the
time for intellectual sloth or a reluctance to assess a situation
clearly and honestly.' ~ Arundhati Roy

Late last week The Guardian published this essay by Arundhati Roy on the percolating political conflict in Kashmir. This is a religiously based conflict bequeathed to the region by British colonialism six plus decades ago. It is not clear how it might be resolved. But Roy poses a provocative (surely incomplete) litany of questions that arise, or ought to, in the minds of those sympathetic to the circumstances of Kashmiri Muslims. She is clear that it is hard to imagine how this situation can end in anything other than disaster for India; but she rightly has qualms, quite plausible ones, about independence too.

PS: Virtually all of the press I can find on this suggests Roy is acting "irresponsibly." That is not surprising, I suppose. It also seems like a good reason to take her questions and concerns seriously.

PS2: You can find a useful set of perspectives on the current state of affairs in Kashmir here in Tehelka.

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Blogger Mberenis said...

I can't believe the guardian published that essay so quickly..


26 August, 2008 02:52  
Blogger Mberenis said...

i like your living room.

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26 August, 2008 14:55  

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