14 August 2008

Best Shots (38) ~ Joseph Szabo

(64) Joseph Szabo ~ From: Almost Grown (1971) ~ (14 August 08)*
* Because the image Szabo talks about does not actually appear on The Guardian web page, I am taking a guess that this is the one. Update: Turns out I was right. The image now accompanies the column at The Guardian.



Blogger Bahi said...

Your guess was correct. I know because for me, the image is appearing on the Guardian page that you're linking to, so either they've updated it or there might be some algorithm employed to serve images to UK readers only. (if the latter, it wouldn't be the first time.) Thanks for keeping up with this series - it's great.

15 August, 2008 10:52  
Blogger Bahi said...

Whoops. You've already noted this. Sorry! (A rule for those of us who rely on RSS is to always check for updates before commenting on an article. I broke the rule.)

15 August, 2008 10:55  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

No problem. I don't know why the image was not on line with the initial post at The Guardian ... it happens intermittently, but with no obvious pattern.

15 August, 2008 12:00  

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