21 August 2008

Best Shots (39) ~ Edward Burtynsky

(65) Edward Burtynsky ~ Tailing Pond (oil), Northern Alberta ~
(21 August '08).

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Blogger stuart said...

Have you seen Emmet Gowin's work 'Changing the Earth'?

I feel it has a much more sublime and mysterious quality about it than Edward Burtynsky's

21 August, 2008 21:41  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

S. Nope. But I will hunt it down. Thanks. JJ

21 August, 2008 21:51  
Blogger mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

I almost never go to galleries, one because they closed too early but also because I usually end up feeling alienated and depressed but one time maybe six years ago I walked into a bunch and was, unsurprisingly, unimpressed, until wait, yes Edward Burtynsky those huge photos of so much beauty in so much horror in so much beauty wow I was stunned I even bought the catalog from the snotty person working there, now where is that catalog?

25 August, 2008 03:15  

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