02 August 2008

Critical Views on Economic Crisis ~ William Greider

Want to know why the Democrats are scarcely better than the Republicans? Read this essay by William. Greider in The Nation on the massive shortcomings of the current Congressional efforts to "bail out" various powerful economic interests without in any way requiring them to mend their ways. Or, watch Greider on Bill Moyers a couple weeks back. Greider is an incredibly perceptive journalist who specializes in de-mystifying political-economic matters.
PS: (Added later that same morning.) I apologize. I should've prefaced this post with a Parental Advisory of sorts. I regularly am amazed when this or that broadcasting outfit feels obliged to warn listeners/viewers that the upcoming report 'contains language that some may find offensive.' This seems idiotic when the subject of the report is, say war or torture. What is a little bad language in the context of a report on policies of deception and depravity?

In any case, be forewarned ~ in the course of his analysis Greider uses the "N word" that many will find offensive. The word, of course, is "nationalization."

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Great! ;)

02 August, 2008 12:30  

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