05 August 2008

'Hope' and 'Change' Give Way to Creepy (2)

Lovingly handmade banners have been exchanged by
staff at rallies …
Photograph © M Spencer Green/AP.

… for officially branded materials, which are successful in achieving
cultural impact for the product. Photograph © Mel Evans/AP

I have heard many tales of political campaigns seeking to exclude dissenting voices from events of various sorts. But it seems that the Obama campaign is trying to impose a (frightening) homogeneity even among supporters. In The Guardian you can find this interesting slide show on the branding of the candidate; somehow I missed it when it first appeared.

Is it possible to imagine a No Logo politics? Not electorally, for sure. But how much should "progressives" invest in this sort of branding? Contrary to the claim in The Guardian, I don't think this is so new. But that is a longer story. (To Be Continued ...)

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