11 August 2008

Isaac Hayes (1942-2008)

Singer and songwriter Issac Hayes has died; the story from The New York Times is here. For those too old to watch South Park, Hayes may be best known for singing the theme from Shaft, which was, of course, directed by the multi-talented Gordon Parks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a very serious war in Georgia right now and you've been totally silent about it. I guess the only wars you think are illegitimate are ones America starts. When it comes to foreign autocrats you support them 100%.

12 August, 2008 12:28  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anon, Your logic is, as always, flawless! Thanks for the entertaining comment. JJ

12 August, 2008 13:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Can it still be controversial to say that an apparently disengaged poetics may also speak a political language - of self-enclosed complacency, passivity, opportunism, false neutrality . . . ?" ~ Adrienne Rich

According to the above quote, which I have plucked from the sidebar of your blog, you are a supporter of the Russian led massacres of innocent Georgians. Shame on you, Jim!

12 August, 2008 16:37  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

ANON, You have NO IDEA what I think about Georgia. Nothing in the Rich quote bears on anything in your rant. So please, go screw yourself.

Having done that, let's talk some facts. After all, the Georgians were aggressors here, the "West" has hung them out to dry, and the Russians have taken a ridiculously aggressive stance. There are no good guys here. I am not neutral. The Russians should cease and desist. But BushCo has been baiting them all along. What did you expect them to do? What is your analysis dim wit?

12 August, 2008 20:43  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

ANON, I've deleted your latest rant. I don't plan to publish any more that you may litter my blog with either.

Ask yourself, why, if I come around acting like an ass, should anyone believe me about anything? I know what I do about Georgia and the Russians from what I read. I read a range of generally reliable sources. And then you come round ranting about media conspiracies to contrive "narratives" that you announce to be complete bullshit. Well, ... OK, ... but why should I lend an iota of credence to anything you say given your past behavior here? Answer: I have no reason whatsoever. Bye, Bye!

12 August, 2008 22:40  

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