07 August 2008

Q. Sakamaki

Sri Lanka on the Brink of War, Bombing Victims' Funeral. (2006)*
Photograph © Q. Sakamaki

Hardly obscure. Very talented. Why is it that I am totally unfamiliar with Q. Sakamaki or his work? I just now encountered him in this review from The New York Times. Sometimes being stuck in the airport can be useful, even rewarding!
* From: War DNA. Here is the caption from Redux Photographs: "The mass grave created due to the June 15 bus attack which killed more than 64 people. The attack was the biggest tragedy since the 2002 ceasefire agreement, although it has nearly been breached for the last six months. The Sri Lankan government accuses LTTE of the terrorist attack, but the Tamil political organization denies the claim. The situation has brought the two sides to the brink of a new war."



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