20 August 2008

Seeing August in August

My youngest son August was here for an extended visit earlier in the month. I've resisted posting about the visit thus far. We had a wonderful visit despite the lengths to which his mother went in her effort to make everyone miserable. By everyone I mean everyone ~ August, his brother Doug, various friends and acquaintances here in Rochester, my parents, me, and probably herself. August is sweet and smart and surely doesn't deserve her antics; nor do any of the other bystanders. Call the impact on them the collateral damage of her narcissism. Perhaps I'll bore you with the details at some point. Probably not. For now, here are just a couple of pictures of me and August. As you can see, he is a busy little boy and we had a great time together. I miss him every day.
PS: What did we do? Went swimming and kayaking, played with Susan and Vincent, visited Nanny & Gramps, watched big brother Doug play lacrosse, ate hot dogs and ice cream and chips and pasta, drove the truck, went to the play ground, went to Papa's work, rode in the wagon, kicked one ball, threw another one, watched Herbie and Lightening McQueen movies, slept in a big boy's bed, used the Elmo potty, took baths, read books ... what else is there?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"what else is there?"

Reading him Das Kapitaal bedtime stories?

20 August, 2008 15:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooof! That ride must cost you an arm and a leg in gas!! :D

Cute little tyke you got there, Jim!

20 August, 2008 16:26  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


Come on man, it is a 1990 Toyota truck that I use to plow the driveway and haul kayaks to the lake. August thought it way way cool though.

Hope all is well.


20 August, 2008 19:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry your X creates such difficulties. Hang in there and thanks for a great blog.


20 August, 2008 20:23  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anonymous #1 (From very 1st Comment Above ...)

I posted this comment of yours so that I can refer to it as a reason for rejecting all your future idiocies.

Nothing, I believe, is classier than making snide remarks about a parent and child. Really. It shows what a completely ignorant prick you are. Consider yourself in permanent exile.

20 August, 2008 22:53  
Blogger LewLorton said...

While the anonymous comment that caused your irritation is obnoxious, you have done something that you shouldn't. In a public forum, you demean your ex. This kind of disrespect can only cause some degree of angst in your children who probably still love her. It isn't her you are hurting but yourself in your childrens' eyes.

21 September, 2008 18:55  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Dear Lew, I am sure my ex-wife appreciates your concern. I make no apologies.

Let's be clear. I have never named her. Nor have I ever noted the town she has run away to. Those who know her have heard her lies and never so much as spoken to me.

But here are some things to ponder. I never turned my back on her kids like she did (in a heartbeat) on my older sons. I never took her child across the continent to spite her (including lying in court to get the judge's OK). I never separated a child from his siblings. All of those things are simply shitty.

And in this post I merely stated the truth. Last summer she created mayhem without regard for anyone else - starting when she arrived in Rochester and refused to tell me where my son was so that, after not seeing him for months, I could go and gather him up. At every available opportunity she went out of her way to place others in the middle of our foibles. That is demeaning.

She has systematically hurt individuals like my older son and my parents who have done nothing to her; so even were we to assume that, like her, you attributed all the blame for our failed marriage to me, there is no excuse for dumping buckets of crap on innocent bystanders.

In short, she is demeaning everyone remotely involved, including herself. And there is not an adult in the world who will tell her to grow up. So, do me a big favor and save your sanctimony for someone else. Thanks.

21 September, 2008 19:44  

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