26 August 2008

Watching the Convention (Thus far ...)

I have watched portions of the first two night of the Democratic convention (via a free feed from MSNBC). Nearly all of the speakers come across a stilted. Since they have no rhythm (and since those subjected to the dreariness of contemporary American speech-i-fying seem to have gotten use to that) the audience seems to respond in the wrong places. There is no cadence. But what passes for "substance" is even worse. The persistent theme of family and religion are insipid. There are way too many victims - "widows and orphans," wounded veterans," "single mothers," ... the whole litany. None are seen as capable in any plausible way. And the closing prayer is, quite frankly, nauseating.

We don't need prayers and 'compassion' for the pathetic, the abandoned and the decrepit; what we need some plausible policies and the willingness to play political hardball necessary to get them implemented. we need that just not for the pitiable, but for the great majority of Americans who've been screwed by Republicans peddling deeply flawed policies and but who are willing to play the sort of political hardball needed to implement them. Unfortunately, the Democrats just don't seem up to the challenge.

I ave a very bad feeling that the Republicans will tear this lot to shreds.

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Blogger Public Squalor said...

While I'm no defender of the mule pack in Denver, they have a tough nut to crack. Although they're trying to distinguish themselves from the Repugs, the fact is they're running for CEO of the American Empire.

Since those Repugs seem to have the authoritarian angle sewn up, the best the mules can do is offer is some vacuous blather about hope and change. And I think the problem with the 'political hardball' analogy is that both sides are mostly playing for the same team. For instance, you can't criticize the war yet keep voting to fund it. Americans may not be the sharpest tools in the shed but anyone can see through that.

We (the working class) probably will be slightly better off with a dem in the white house but there ain't gonna be no sea change coming if they win.

Keep up the great work.

27 August, 2008 09:44  
Blogger Stan B. said...

Yeah, save for Kucinich, the "highlights" I caught had all the somnambulistic energy of the back to school pep talks I persevered as a teacher...

27 August, 2008 13:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was there such scant mention of the Katrina fiasco in the Democratic convention? The way the Bush administration handled that episode remains an open wound for many Americans. The Dems could have hit the GOP hard on that front. Instead, they repeatedly complimented John McCain for his "honor." Can you say "wankers"?

27 August, 2008 23:13  

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