13 August 2008

"You Got a Lotta 'Splain'n To Do!"


Our Mission: To salute the achievements of the world's finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent and to promote the appreciation of photography."

Among the recently announced winners for 2008 are Misrach, Koudelka, Meiselas ... I love them all. But the award committee is hardly going out on a limb!



Blogger Stan B. said...

Sure it's not their Lifetime Achievement picks?

14 August, 2008 16:46  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Stan, Nope. They are giving a "Lifetime Achievement" award to Gianni Berengo Gardin. These are just for "achievement" in this or that category.

Like I said, it is hard to dispute that any of the folks I mentioned are terrific and have achieved a lot in the field. But they are hardly 'talent deserving wider recognition' as the folks at Downbeat would say.

14 August, 2008 17:08  
Blogger Tom White said...

New and emerging talent? I wish
I had an award for every time I have heard that phrase and then seen the recognition go to some well established (though thoroughly talented) individual...

19 August, 2008 11:15  

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