28 September 2008

Anniversary ~ 36 Months

(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography is now three years old. I first posted on 24 September 2005. Since then I've made over 1500 posts. I downloaded a site meter three years ago today and according to that counter have now had just shy of 219,000 visitors. Checking my records, it seems that considerably more than half of those have dropped by in just the last year.
In many ways this blog has been a life-saver for me over the past couple of years. Not the only one - but surely very important. Thanks to you readers out there.

My goals at the blog will remain the same. I still want to pursue the task Mitchell lays out in the passage quoted in my header. But there is a point too to that undertaking, after all. In the words of William Kentridge:

“I am interested in a political art, that is to say an art of ambiguity, contradiction, uncompleted gestures, and uncertain endings; an art (and a politics) in which optimism is kept in check and nihilism at bay.”
It is hard to find such political art. It is sometimes hard to find those who even try to approximate it from either direction. But it is that aspiration, one that I hope to encourage here. I hope you'll keep coming by.



Blogger Public Squalor said...

Hey Jim -

Happy Birthday and thanks for providing a great place to discuss visual culture and politics.

I just picked up - Intimate Enemy: Images and Voices of the Rwandan Genocide - on your recommendation. A great book.

peace -

28 September, 2008 21:02  
Blogger brenda said...

Congratulations and a Happy Birthday, Jim. :)

28 September, 2008 21:12  
Blogger Stan B. said...

Congrats! And thanks for the effort...

29 September, 2008 00:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jim! I've been following this blog for about a year, or so, and have been truly enriched by it. Keep up the great work.

29 September, 2008 13:48  
Blogger AMEN said...

Happy Birthday from your midwest anarchist friend!

29 September, 2008 23:12  

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