30 September 2008

Daylight (Issue #7, Fall 2008)

I am undecided. I cannot make up my mind which is my favorite photo magazine. I tend to think that it is PRIVATE. But that may be because it comes out more regularly than Daylight. So I can go for a couple of publication cycles thinking that the former simply is the best. But then, along comes an issue of Daylight to subvert my self-assuredness. The two publications are quite different, one focusing on black & white, the other mostly on color, most obviously. But in other ways too. I'll let you explore on your own. The new issue of Daylight arrived today with a set of terrific essays on, you guessed it, agriculture in a wide array of locales. Get a copy. Better yet, subscribe (it is relatively cheap and the publishers will put your money to good use - see their web page.).



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