14 September 2008

The Exquisite Corpse Resurrected

In my sidebar I keep pretty long lists of links to blogs and publications and places, actual and virtual. I try to note links to enterprises that have given up the ghost, kicked the bucket, thrown in the towel, or simply gone on hiatus. Rarely (let's maybe say never) have I had the pleasure of announcing a resurrection. Until today. It turns out that The Exquisite Corpse is back from a serious hiatus and that the ever ironic and cantankerous Andrei Codrescu is more or less still dispensing the embalming fluid.



Blogger Bill Bresler said...

Hey, hey, hey! It sure has been a long time since I've read the Corpse. In fact, it isn't bookmarked on this computer and I'm not sure if it was bookmarked on my last. Thanks for the tip.

14 September, 2008 20:47  

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