07 September 2008

Martha Rosler, still ...

From Art the Vote Billboard Project. Photograph © Martha Rosler.

A project called Art the Vote is putting up billboards in and around Columbia, Missouri. Martha Rosler's contribution is shown here; you can see the others at the project web page. Quite coincidently, this longish story on Rosler and accompanying slide show of her work appears in The New York Times today. I have posted on Rosler a number of times (follow the label below). Besides making provocative political art, however, Rosler is an exemplar of how to navigate the black hole of the art world.



Blogger Tom White said...

My favourite quote comes right at the end of the article.

“I realized that if I made political work that was shown in galleries, it would wind up in mass newspapers and magazines. And it did.”

08 September, 2008 11:32  

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