10 September 2008

More on "Fair Use" . . .

Rob Haggart who keeps the blog A Photo Editor has written a useful post on matters surrounding the "fair use" of photography on blogs. You can find the post here. I find the post (and accompanying comment thread) useful mostly because it reveals the misunderstandings and technical difficulties swirling around this matter. I have posted on fair use several times, some of them under pressure from nutty folks who were screeching about my use of work by others. You can follow the fair use label below, or look at these two posts [1] [2] which lay out some of the complexities and also provide some links to relevant resources.

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Blogger Public Squalor said...

Here's a related link to an article by Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and his proposal to reform our screwed up system of intellectual property rights.


Its worth a read.


11 September, 2008 17:59  

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