08 September 2008

Newsflash ~ Bob Woodward Announces that Just Maybe the Decline in Violence in Iraq is Not due in any simple way to "The Surge!"

Well this story appeared in The Washingon Post today. It essentially is an advert for Woodward's new book. There is no news here though. We have known for some time that while yes, violence did decrease in Iraq over the course of 2007-2008, there were multiple plausible causes for this military outcome. And, of course, the supposed political consequences that surge proponents promised have been notably absent. I have mentioned this here numerous times - for instance, here and here and here, among others.

So, someone should tell Bob Woodward and his editors at The Post. And better still, someone should tell Barack Obama. Even if we knew what "success" in Iraq might mean, it is by no means clear that "the surge" is moving us in that direction.



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