03 September 2008

Of Campaigns and Shotguns

Senator John McCain greeted Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, the
man whom she plans to marry, upon his arrival in Minnesota on
Wednesday as Gov. Sarah Palin looked on.
Photograph © Charles Dharapak/Associated Press.

This image and caption accompanied this story in The New York Times today. The problems with the Palin family are not my concern - except as they highlight the governor's hypocrisy and McCain's judgment. I am more concerned with why McCain passed over several obvious more plausible female VP possibilities in order to pick Palin. His pick has nothing to do with a commitment to women and everything to do with Palin's solid (one might say rabid) right wing posture. Can you spell conniving?

That said, I have two observations about the picture and caption. The first is that Levi Johnston is a boy not a man. I say that as the father of a nineteen year old son. Neither he nor Bristol Palin should be in the national limelight ~ regardless of whether they have been thrust there by liberal bloggers or, in this instance, the McCain campaign.

The second thing is that the picture put me in mind of shotguns. And then it put me in mind of this photograph of Palin that I'd seen on the web. It was taken on a 2007 tour of Kuwait.

Levi is still a kid, but I suspect he is not a fool. And given that Palin is an experienced hunter as well as the rumors about her personal and political vindictiveness .... well, I'll stop there.

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