08 September 2008

On in NYC ~ II Amerika

Tom White, who is a terrific photographer, British ex-pat, and all around astute fellow, sent me an announcement of a show ~ II Amerika ~ he has curated (with co-conspirators Nicolas Silberfaden, Deidre Schoo) at the ICP in NYC. It opened on September 6th and runs through October 12th. The premise of the show, which features work by two dozen photographers, seems extremely promising:
"The photographers in this collection exemplify the cross-cultural nature of America. While living here—whether American-born, immigrant, or just passing through—each one represents a facet of this diverse society and has a unique take on its culture. There is more here than just a geographical link; each photograph in some way addresses the nature of American life. These pictures are grounded in a particular reality unique to this country, a 'New Americana' if you like."


Blogger Tom White said...

Thanks Jim!

08 September, 2008 11:24  

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