07 September 2008

Thank You!

"I mean, come on, they must
think you're stupid!"

~ Barack Oama, Terra Haute, Indiana (6 September 2008)

Now that, especially when said with chuckling, disarming disbelief, is the way to respond to claims by the McCain/Palin ticket - which is basically a reincarnation of the lame Bush/Cheney administration - to be peddlers of "change." What they actually are peddling is unadulterated bullshit (in the technical sense).

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Blogger Stan B. said...

I think it's gonna take way, way more than some casual asides. The last two elections is littered with Democratic candidates who made casual asides. Obama and company need to take a half dozen of the most blatant, fragrant, and egregious lies and abominations (of the thousands to choose from) perpetrated by McCain and his fellow Republicans and demand accountability.

They're gonna take the "high road" again, and they're gonna get pushed and laughed off the cliff yet again.

07 September, 2008 11:46  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Stan ~ I agree. I am just trying to encourage some backbone. The McCain/Palin claims are preposterous and Obama/Biden need to portray them bluntly as just that. As Frank Rich wrote of McCain's acceptance speech today in The NY Times: "The only problem, of course, is that the entire thing was a sham." If the bleeping Times is stating things so baldly, the Dems ought to be even more blunt.

07 September, 2008 12:01  
Blogger Stan B. said...

Yeah, well, the question as to whether we (Americans) are stupid was long settled four years ago...

07 September, 2008 12:13  

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