04 September 2008

Welcome to St. Paul

The remarkable story behind this image is here. I could do without the snarky comments about Amy Goodman. But the photographer Matt Rourke apparently got hammered by the riot police too. It just goes to show that you don't even have to be a dissenting media commentator to get hauled off in St. Paul ... Pathetic. Notice too that the police officer here is kneeling across the perp's neck even though the man is holding his free hand behind his back. Obviously he needs to have his face smashed into the pavement for being insufficiently compliant.

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Blogger Public Squalor said...

I don't know which is worse, that this kind of police activity receives broad bi-partisan support, or that the commercial media doesn't find such gross and public violations of our civil liberties newsworthy.

04 September, 2008 09:06  
Blogger Natalie said...

What is interesting is that this particular police behavior seems to have a Republican endorsement. Literally. Mr. Bruce Nestor, President of the Minnesota chapter of the National Lawyers Guild discusses the actions of the St. Paul law enforcement agencies in an interview:
"In fact, St. Paul actually negotiated a special insurance provision with the Republican Host Committee so that the first $10 million in liability for lawsuits arising from the convention will be covered by the Host Committee. The city is very proud of this negotiation. It’s the first time it’s been negotiated between a city and the Host Committee. But it basically means we can commit wrongdoing, and we won’t have to pay for it."


05 September, 2008 09:07  
Blogger AMEN said...

Not for nothing, but I was in Denver for the DNC protests, and we were crushed from the jump by the POLICE STATE. Hundreds of goons lined the streets with fully automated weapons and Gulag sticks, in total riot gear twenty four hours a day. There was no room for dissent, which is now a crime I guess, used to be a sign of patriotism.
Then Obama had the nuts to invoke MLKjr in his speech with no mention that fascist cops were doing to us in the street outside exactly what was done to Civil Rights marchers 40 years ago, only this time, funded by federal "security" grants with special provisions to the Democratic Party. He then went on, after much applause to talk about leading us into more war, same as McInsane, and guess what.?.?...more applause. I have determined that we are, in fact, screwed.

05 September, 2008 21:49  

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