13 October 2008

Enthusiasms (20) ~ Sharp? Monk? Sharp! Monk!

For my birthday last spring, my son Douglas gave me an iTunes gift card. Much of it remains unspent. Partly this is a generational thing. When I buy music I want to buy a CD. I like to read the credits and liner notes and hold the thing in my grimy fingers. I admit that reading CD packaging makes me squint. A lot. That is a matter of age too, of course. Tonight, though, I bought an album on line - Elliott Sharp's Sharp? Monk? Sharp! Monk! (Clean Feed, 2006). Five covers of Monk compositions on solo guitar. Simple, right? Nope. This recording is terrific. Just when you wonder where you've gotten to and how, Sharp brings you back to the tune.

Elliott Sharp. Photograph © Andreas Sterzing.

So, not knowing much about Sharp, and having not got the liner notes here in my grimy fingers, I looked up some stuff on line. You can find an 2003 interview with Sharp from BOMB here. That led me to Sterzing who's photograph I've lifted here.

And, by the way ~ Thanks Doug!

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